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About Hamsarjoon service 

I am Parvin Zamany, the founder of Hamsarjoon - an executive matchmaking company for Farsi speaking singles or non Iranian individuals, who wish to have an Iranian partner. I have 10 years of academic education, and have been working with professional matchmaking and headhunting before starting this service.

I believe in honesty, and therefore I strive to work with honest people. If you wish to share your life with a nice, well educated, and financially stable partner, I will be delighted to find you the right soul mate among my numerous candidates who are a part of my private and confidential database.

I need to have a personal interview with you for obtaining information about yourself and the requirements you set for your partner so I can find the most suitable match. Hamsarjoon matchmaking service is based on personal interaction and close contact with clients. To start the process, please read the following text. If there is any question, you can call or email: 

Tel:        818.450.6744

Email:   parvin.zamany@gmail.com


Why choosing “Hamsarjoon"

The most important feature with Hamsarjoon service is confidentiality, i. e. all of your personal information is treated with 100% confidentiality. This is important for many Iranians. Also:  

Extended interview: All the matches I introduce to you, go through a screening process, i.e. an extended interview, which enables me to discuss and check their age, height, weight, education, profession, marital status, and many other parameters in addition to this, I make sure that the photos and their appearance are fully up to date. Therefore you will NOT experience anything unexpected when I send you for a date.

Long lasting relationship and marriage: Nearly all my clients are looking for a longt erm relationship, which should lead to marriage or moral commitment. So you will not waste your time with unserious people, like the majority you find on most dating sites.

Personal contact: My concept is based on personal interaction with my clients until I find the right soul mate for you

Coaching and consulting: Individual advise is given to the client about many issues such as relationship advice, tips on successful connection, physical appearance, (dress, makeup, hair, ...) if it is needed, etc. 

Saving time and money: because I find you the most suitable match, so you do not need to search yourself and or deal with persons who may have lied to you about their parameters

Equal partner: it is my philosophy to introduce a candidate to you, who is at your own level, and matches your own parameters as close as possible.  

Well educated clients: Almost all of my clients have a university or academic degrees because I believe that education will help us to think multi-dimensional about life. Therefore 90% of my clients are doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc. Having said that, I do not believe that good human beings are only well educated people. 

Honesty is the fundamentals in my matchmaking service

If you are tired of your searches coming up empty and frustrated that people on the online dating sites are not honest about themselves, then you need to work with me. I search for possible matches, based on your own set of requirements, and I make sure that all my clients tell nothing but the truth 

Selecting a partner at your own level is the secret behind successful marriages

The time for unequal marriages and relationships is over. If you are interested in a long lasting, loving and caring, trustful, and passionate relationship, you better have a partner at your own level, i.e. someone who matches your own intellectuality, wealth, age, background, physical appearance, and educational level.

There are many factors why you are still single

The "modern" life can be very hectic. You may not have enough time to search for your mate, or perhaps you are too shy to go looking. Your network might not be big enough, or you have simply had no luck finding the right person yet, or you are not connected to Iranian communities to find your partner. Regardless of the reasons, I can help you! I have the time, ability, passion, honesty, and most importantly, many candidates in my database, who wish for the same thing you do; a suitable match

Sharing is a good idea

Not only it is fantastic to have someone to share all the pleasures in life with, but it is also practical. You can share the expenses, which will be very helpful. Statistics show that all living expenses go down by more than 50% when two people move together.

Matchmaking process with "Hamsarjoon"

Filling out the application form: For starting the process, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. The information you send through this form is treated with the highest degree of discretion and confidentiality, and no one has access to this form except Parvin Zamany.

Acknowledgment: Upon receipt of your application form and payment, I will send you an email to acknowledge your sign up, and let you know about the personal telephone interview with you. I am using the term consultation because it might be necessary to give you advice about your appearance, and useful guidelines for attracting the opposite sex.  

Biography: After my telephone interview, I will prepare your biography, which contains a summary of headlines in your life including your recent pictures

Matchmaking phase: After the preparation of your biography, I will search for possible matches based on your parameters such as character traits, education, profession, interests, energy, personal values, and many other factors. I may find one or several matches for you in my database, and I will introduce them to you one by one. It can also happen, that I do not have your match right away, which means that you need to wait until your match arrives.

The fees for using "hamsarjoon" service

There are two kinds of fees associated with using "Hamsarjoon" service:


Sign up fee covering 1 year or  2 years membership, initial telephone interview (about 2 hours) for getting to know you, and preparation of your biography (1 hours editing), time spent on emails, and follow up activities. The signup fee is $239 for 1 year, or 389 for 2 years membership for the introduction of up to 3 or 6 matches respectively if and as long as suitable matches are available. 

It should be mentioned that the signup fee is NOT refundable after the telephone interview has taken place because, at this point in time, many hours have already been spent on the case. Furthermore, some clients may have a difficult taste to please, so it is not possible to provide a guarantee to introduce desired matches. Generally speaking, it is not possible to provide a guarantee in such services because we are dealing with human beings, and NOT goods. ُSo by signing up in Hamsarjoon, you have accepted the terms and conditions for membership mentioned above. However, if for any reason you decide to cancel the service, it should be done ASAP, and no later than 48 hours prior to the interview. 


Matchmaking fee

for each and every match, who is introduced to you when BOTH parties are interested to connect. The matchmaking fee is $299 if your requirements and wishes are rational, doable, and in harmony with your own parameters, and you are flexible with regards to relocation, and connecting with people outside your own area. Otherwise, the matchmaking fee might be different, and it is determined case by case. Generally speaking, a good portion of my clients find their match with one or two introductions.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the other companies charge you several thousand dollars for a similar service, therefore, the fee for Hamsarjoon service is insignificant compared to other services, and what you can gain. We look forward to welcoming you on board. 

To start the process, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Hamsarjoon "VIP" service

This service is offered to those singles, who have extraordinary requirements or condition (for example living in a remote location or cannot relocate). 

The signup fee is the same as for 1/2 year membership. However, the matchmaking fee is based on individual parameters and criteria. You will be informed about the fee and possible down payment after your personal interview has taken place because it is necessary to evaluate your criteria and conditions. But surely the fee is fair and reasonable. 

To start the process, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


parvin.zamany @ gmail.com

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