Membership fee:

1-year membership$269

It covers 1 year membership, personal telephone interview (up to 2 hours) for getting to know you, preparation of your biography (1 hours editing), time spent on emails, and follow up activities. The membership fee covers also introduction of of one or several suitable matches as long as they are available. It should be mentioned that the signup fee is NOT refundable after the telephone interview has taken place. For payment please call or send text on +18184506744 (WhatsApp and cell phone) .  

Matchmaking fee: $289

It is paid for each match, who is introduced to you if BOTH parties are interested to connect. In case you do not wish to connect to the introduced  case, there is no fee. The matchmaking fee is fixed while your requirements and wishes are rational, doable, and you are flexible to relocate. Otherwise, the matchmaking fee can be different, and it is determined case by case by case. Also, if you are interested to meet someone in another country, it is considered as immigration, and the matchmaking fee is not standard. For instance, if you are a European residence, and you wish to meet someone in United States, the matchmaking fee can be different. Our experience shows that a good portion of our clients find their match with one or two introductions. For payment please call or send text on +18184506744 (WhatsApp and cell phone)

Consultation service

If your existing relationship is facing problems or you have started dating someone and you don’t know whether that person is the right choice, you can sign up for this service. The consultation helps you make the right decision, and it saves lots of headaches and emotional stress. It includes 2 hours of telephone consultation and the fee is $249 and you can be sure that your will be relieved. For payment please call or send text on +18184506744 (WhatsApp and cell phone)