Matchmaking process

  1. Fill out the application form and select the desired service
  2. Pay your membership fee via Paypal. If you do not wish to pay through Paypal, please contact us
  3. Upon receipt of your payment, a personal telephone interview is scheduled for getting to know you
  4. We prepare a nice profile of you based on our conversation
  5. We will search for possible matches based on your parameters such as character traits, education,
    profession, interests, energy, scientific & emotional intelligence, personal values, and so on. And will introduce the most suitable match, and we will email you his/her profile.
  6. If both parties are interested to connect, then the matchmaking fee is paid prior to releasing the contact information. In case you do not wish to connect to that person, there is no cost, but your reasons for rejecting a profile is highly recommended and appreciated.

Interested? Start out by filling out the registration form and submitting a membership fee here.