Membership conditions

  1. Honesty and decency is highly appreciated
  2. Non smoker as smoking is harmful for yourself, others, and environment
  3. Your ultimate goal of membership in Hamsarjoon is marriage.
  4. You have an academic education: minimum an associate degree. However, academic education only makes sense if it is combined with wisdom and comprehension. Also, it is highly recommended that you do not postpone your marriage for education because the most beautiful event in a woman’s life is having kids, and it is not recommended to wait until you have doctor degrees. You can always get your education during your marriage life.
  5. Age wise: women minimum 18 years, and men minimum 23 years.  The most suitable age for having kids is below 30 year of age if you are interested to have 2 or more kids. So do not postpone your marriage to late thirties. Recommended number of kids is three. 
  6. You need to have enough income so your reason for having a partner is not financial needs.
  7. You need to have an email because that is the means for sending you profiles of suitable matches
  8. You are kind to animals, and you care about environmental issues
  9. You are happy about being Iranian and you like your Iranian identity. I do not wish to help Iranians, who are hostile to Iran as I do not wish to help enemies to have Iranian partner. I believe that people who do not love their own origin and national identity, have problems with loving and caring for someone else